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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Truly-Truly I say Unto You Episode 2 Featuring the Music of Terry and Diane McCabe

Today, we featured the Music of Terry and Diane McCabe.  

An Acoustical Folk, Rock, and Blues Duo out of NE Ohio based in the Mahoning Valley.

We started off this Show with a Reading from Zephaniah 3 Verses 14-17.
We followed up this verse with the Song "Master's Design".
Then a Reading from Matthew 22 Verses 34-40.
And John 3 Verses 16-21.
Next up their Song called "714".
Then Second Chronicles Chapter 7 Verses 13-16. 
Then their Song called "Year of the Lord's Favor".
Then John 13 Verses 12-17.
Then their Song "River"
The last Passage from Today's Readings is John 13 Verses 34-35.
And the Show wraps up with their Song "Not Religious"

If you choose to share this work with anyone then the blessing that is upon it will come upon your work and your life.

If you have any feedback, by all means; reach out to me.
If you want your music to be featured on an upcoming episode; again please let me know.

Peace to your and yours and Grace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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